About Green Light Safety

Green Light Safety; A Calibration Gas Specialist


Green Light Safety is a safety company that specializes in rentals, sales and service of Gas Detection equipment. We also provide calibration of that equipment. Our company was founded for the purpose of providing gas detection rentals and services to all areas in and around the Houston, Texas area.

Having over 15 years experience in this industry we have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide you with some of the best gas detection equipment available. One of the most fulfilling parts about our business is to know that people are safe in their own workplaces without having to worry about the dangers that come with undetected gas leakages.

Green Light Safety understands that Houston is a city filled with diverse organizations, communities, businesses and people. Opportunities are equal in Houston for both big and small ventures and that is why this city plays a major role in the country’s economic stability. In understanding of all this, Green Light Safety is determined to provide you with a variety of safety equipment solutions.

We have customers that range from chemical plants, refineries, and tank servicing facilities to shipyards, marine vessels,  and  marine chemists. We also provide services to other safety companies to help fulfill their customer’s needs.

In the current regulated safety world, there is a huge need for effective and reliable gas detection services. Because of this many new players have entered this market whose only goal is to put money in their pocket. We however, are a ‘customer first’ safety company and this means that our first priority is to ensure that your needs have been met and if possible exceeded. Our success depends on your fulfillment.

Green Light Safety gives Safety a Green Light! When it comes to safety, we do not compromise on our services. We always ensure that you get only the best.